• The NSAs will issue safety certifications for single country applications (single Member State only) if selected by the applicant;
  • The concrete role of the NSAs in the safety certification procedure consists in checking the application as regards their respective national part; For this system to work, the ERA must have concluded a cooperation contract with each NSA; 
  • NSAs will keep the supervision role, which consists in overseeing the continued compliance with all legal obligations by Rus and IMs to use a SMS (safety management system), line with the CSM developed by the ERA;
  • NSAs will have to exchange information and coordinate their supervision activities for international RU operations with the Agency;
  • NSAs will also have to exchange information with the ERA as regards their supervision activities
  • NSAs will also have to report to the ERA within the scope of the new mandate of the ERA to monitor and audit them (as well as other bodies, such as ECMs, NoBos, etc.). The final audit conditions to be applied by ERA to NSAs are still under discussion.

⇒ The future cooperation between NSAs and the ERA will require the cooperation agreements, audit tools to be approved and NSAs to agree with the usage conditions of ERA’s application tool (OSS), the appeal processes and the fees & charges related to certifications.