• The Safety Directive stipulates that the ERA and the NSAs take full responsibility for the certifications they issue;
  • In the case of litigations related to a safety certification, the applicant shall refer its case to a so-called ‘Board of Appeal’ of the ERA;
  • This body will be composed of experts which are appointed by the Management Board of the ERA (Member States/NSAs, EC, ERA);
  • In the case of diverging views between the ERA, the NSAs and / or the applicant, the Board of Appeal shall provide an opinion;
  • The ERA will charge fees & charges for the opinion of the Board of Appeal to the plaintiff.

⇒ The ERA Board of Appeal can overrule the opinion of a NSA and thus overrule national interests.

⇒ The Executive Director of the ERA can overrule the Appeal Body.

⇒ Disclaimer: The final text will be adopted early 2018