Vehicle authorisations are amongst the lengthiest and costly processes in the railway sector with up to 2 years or more duration. With the new EU vehicle authorisation procedure to start on 16th of June 2019, the ERA proposes a 1-year shadow-running phase, starting on 16th of June 2018.

Furthermore, the practical details of the transition are still being discussed. These are of particularly importance for all pending applications with NSAs and their further processing by the ERA from 16th of June 2019 onwards. The ERA and the NSAs are currently discussing the practicalities for transferring applications and the acceptance and processing by ERA of those parts already assessed by the NSAs.

With regard to the transposition, Member States may consider extending the transposition of the directive by up to 1 year, by 16th June 2020.

In addition, ERA has to sign a cooperation agreement with each national safety authority (NSA).